Our tips


→   Watch a video twice

Mute the sound the second time.   

Let your toddler tell you what is



→  Print the stories  

The texts are below.

Read them at bedtime. 


→  Draw the new words on small cards  

Collect the cards in a beautiful box.


→  Play with the cards …

cards-in-a-row (sorting)

guess what (naming)

memory (memorizing)


→  Let the stories inspire you to play and …

make puppets with a wooden spoon

play bowling with cans

blow bubbles

build a pebble-castle 

Start talking!

 The Boris and Binti videos will help your child to start talking.
→ The language is rich and useful. 
→ There is enough time for your child to hear and learn the new words.
→ The Boris and Binti world is an easily recognizable frame of reference.  
→ Soft piano music supports the listening focus. 

    A second language?

→ Let your child watch the same video in both languages.
→ The translated words are projected at the exact same time in the video.  This makes it easier to link both languages. 
→ Follow the links on the homepage to different languages.

Special thanks to:  

Emma-Louise Silva, John Pollard

© Studio Epwerk